About Suburban Myth

  • Suburban Myth Band
  • Suburban Myth Band
  • Derek Daisey, Lead Singer Singing
Suburban Myth is an alternative rock band that takes its music influences from bands such as The Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20 and Shinedown with lyrical influences ranging from the likes of Mike Peters to Paul Rodgers. All of which bring together a melodic rock sound that surrounds and encompasses storytelling that gets the foot tapping and the mind reflecting.

Musical composer and vocalist Derek Daisey resides in Charleston, while lyricist Phil Wormall, in contrast, bases himself in Nottingham, England. Two sides of an ocean, but yet the two have converged in an epic merger to create this energetic alternative rock band. Led by Derek Daisey, bassist Nicholas O’Kelley and drummer Nick Lomma, the band commands not only a strong presence, but a captivated audience with their electrifying performances and energy that carries the viewers through an experience all on its own.


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