• Rehearsing!

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    Hey folks!

    It's been a busy few weeks. We've finished 2 new songs and have begun rehearsing our live show! Nick Lomma recently joined the band as our new drummer! We've been jamming really well together and he's just excited to get this stuff out as we are. We've been hand picking songs to do from our EP, and our upcoming album, as well as some covers to keep the shows fun. For some initial shows, we're planning to keep it a three piece until we find some more members that really fit the dynamics of what we do. 


  • Another Day in the Song Factory

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    Been working hard today during our 9 hour + day in the Song Factory (It's the studio name...) 


    Phil sent me some lyrics a couple days ago, and I sat down with them the other night and built the skeleton of the song... Nick came over today and we just kept building and building and we got another rocker!  It's great to be producing these tracks together... We got a great back and forth, and I think that will show with these songs! 


  • New studio set up, getting it done!

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    Hey folks,


    Just got done working in the new studio in Charleston, SC with Nick O'Kelley. It's amazing we've done so much work apart through the internet, and our home studios, but it's great to be in the same room really collaberating again. We picked up right where we left off!


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