• Still writing songs!

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    Phil is still busy writing songs on a weekly basis around everything else he is doing. He thought it would be a great idea to create a lyrics page on the website so he can share his work with his readers. Look out for the page coming very soon!!

  • Moving along

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    Hey people!

    In the midst of our first week with our new single "Cool Cat in the Glass"! Check it out on iTunes and all the other mP3 sights!


  • Catchin' up

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    Hey folks!


    Sitting in the studio working on a new song right now. Taking a break so I thought i'd update it! 


    Have a new single coming out July 15th called "Cool Cat in the Glass." The three of us have talked about this one a lot, though most people haven't heard it. BBC played it last week, and we're hoping to get it on there a little more. So we're working towards that. 


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