• Blind Rage

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    My last song which was written at the weekend was about when I was in Pret A Manger in Kings Cross & saw a blind guy smiling at a waitress. He looked a bit un-kept so my imagination ran wild & out popped the song called 'Blind Rage'. Remember the magners advert? that’s where I got the final line from. Look out for this song in the near future and let me know what you think. Phil

  • Keeping busy

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    What's up folks?


    Been hard at work at various projects!! Finished our third song for the new album! So far, each has its own personality, and very different. But all have one thing in common... they rock! Phil's been sending me some great lyrical ideas and every day's an adventure when I'm working on them. 

  • Happy Easter!

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    What's up internet?

    I'm home sick with a slight sore throat, but I'm right now on a really cool new song. The lyrics were penned by Phil Wormall... I think he might have had something else in mind for the music, but this music is dang cool... and different. I'm excited to get my voice back to sing it!


    Also been remixing and getting ready to master one of the first new songs for our full album.. 


    What better way to spend Easter then doing what you love! 


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