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    Suburban Myth 'Welcome (If Only)' Single Cover

    This is rock music at it’s best. A powerful tight sound with some crunchy guitars and punchy drums. ‘Welcome (If Only) is the new single from top quality rock band Suburban Myth. The guys in the band make a fantastic collective and perform together very well. They obviously have great musical talent, however the vocalist is something really special – he has such a power to his voice and the delivery is captivating. With a sound that fuses many different rock styles and influences, the result is something incredibly creative and innovative for the genre.

  • Pre-order new single 'Welcome (If Only)'

    Pre-order Suburban Myths New Single 'Welcome (If Only)' from Monday 21 July on iTunes on this link

  • Suburban Myths PR Company are the PR Company Suburban Myth are using to promote their forthcoming singles and album. If you wish to contact them regarding Suburban Myth please contact or call 01223 844 440 or email Suburban Myth directly at

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