• Christmas Single Played on BBC Radio

    To hear our new Christmas single that was played on BBC Radio last night, see this link and fast forward to just before 1 hour 16 minutes into the show. If you like it, available to download from all major digital websites. Happy Christmas!




  • Live Radio Interviews Update

    Unfortunately due to intermittent FM problems on Castle FM the interview scheduled at 12.10pm today has been cancelled and will be rescheduled to next year. This interview will probably be about our new album. Do listen into the interview tonight at 5.30pm - UK time and 12.30pm US time on Channel Radio with Craig Avery!! This is the link -

  • Live Radio Interviews

    The interview scheduled today on Spitfire Radio at 10.15am has been moved until tomorrow, Thursday 5th December at the same time. This is due to unforeseen circumstances at the radio station. Listen in tomorrow fans!!

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